Prince George County My Home Program

If you live or have been thinking of purchasing a home in Prince George County Maryland, then there is an exciting loan program that makes it easier to own a home. The Prince George County My Home Program has been created to make it easier for more people to purchase a home. It was created with the 1st time home buyer in mind, to help those who have struggled to qualify for a home in Prince George County. It offers down payment and closing cost assistance to anyone who is looking to purchase home. The Paquin Team with First Home Mortgage are well versed, when it comes to understanding the guidelines of this great program.
To qualify for this program, you must be a first time homeowner who has never held a deed to a property. There are some income limits that cannont be exceeded to qualify, so please contact us with any questios you may have. The Prince George County My Home Program is available for any property within the county, even new construction, with a purchase price not exceeding $362,790. This program has been designed to rebuild Prince George County to the wonderful community it once was. The state of Maryland would like to bring a sense of pride into the community by helping to make it easier to be a homeowner. When people own a home it improves the whole community and makes everyone more vigilant in making sure everything is kept up and beautiful.
We’ve worked with many people over the years, and we’ve seen the biggest hurdle when it comes to 1st time homebuyers is getting some assistance when it comes to down payment. With the Prince George County My Home Program we can turn more people into homeowners. The amount of down payment assistance a potential homebuyer can receive is 5% of the property sale price.  All the buyer has to do is contribute 1.75% of sale price toward the transaction or 50% of liquid assets over $3,000 which ever is greater.
If you are 1st time homebuyer looking to purchase a home in Prince George County and are looking for assistance with the down payment then we want to help you!  We are here to help you understand the Prince George County My Home Program and want to walk you through the whole process from start to finish. To see how much you qualify for please use our
Purchase Assistant.